Entry fee

The EYC 2019 entry fee is EUR 250,00
This fee is applicable for all delegations, including athletes, coaches, managers, head of delegations and other officials connected to each team.

Supporters’ fee
The EYC 2019 supporters’ fee is EUR 100,00
This fee is for guests arriving with the teams and staying at the official hotel.
The fee covers full bus service, entrance to the centre and to the Banquet.
Supporters cannot have any duties related to a team.

Banquet fee
The EYC 2019 banquet fee is EUR 60,00
This fee is applicable only for guests of teams, not already signed up as team members or supporters.

Payment deadline
All fees, together with all booked hotel nights, must, as informed at your invoice, be transferred at the very latest on 28th February 2019.